Portland Flavors
October's flavors celebrate the true spirit of Halloween and the best of Oregon

The Chocolate Graveyard

Guaranteed to deliver “shock-olate” delight! This ice cream isn’t just “punny”, it’s a gruesomely tasty combo of dirty-delicious chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake soil, and a ground-smattering of chocolate freckles. Sweet tooths beware, as you dig through each scoop, you may find unexpected treasures…like skeletons! Homemade candy skeletons that is.

Dracula’s Blood Pudding

Crafted specifically for our Halloween “thrill-shreekers”! This no-holds-barred, intoxicatingly impelling ice cream flavor is one to not miss. Carefully riding a line that balances delectable and frightful, a heady mix of spices and cream, cooked into real blood pudding, then spun in our ice cream laboratory, will make you squirm with delight!

Candy Corn

Out of the box re-imagination of a Halloween favorite for all you boys and ghouls. In the kitchen, we agreed we’ve all eaten these corn candies for years, yet…none of us seemed to know what the flavor actually was. We say white tastes like white, yellow like yellow and orange like orange. Our ice cream is just that, candy corn layers of yum.

Essence of Ghost

Do the wisps of ghouls spooking a foggy graveyard give you chills? Imagine jets of tasty gray passing through a deep foggy sherbet. Each bite delivers a shrill set of flavors that are bitter, sweet, and slightly musky. This one is so creepy and delicious, it’ll give you chills!

Witch’s Brew Potion

A secret potion created by our ice cream churners, this brewing of ingredients exist in a flavor profile called “Terpene”, one the most diabolically delicious of flavor compounds, appearing in citrus fruits, coniferous trees, and other woodsy herbs. Notable flavors include rosemary-infused, candied ruby reds, oils of nutmeg and mint, and Oregon Spruce caramel newt guts (not made with real newts).

L.A. Flavors
This month we’re highlighting the best of Southern California’s early autumn harvest

California Peaches with Lemon Crumble

Based on one of our favorite family recipes for peach cobbler, the peaches are from Burkart Organic Farms in Dinuba, CA and are a ridiculously delicious combination when paired with the brown sugar, lemon-infused cobbler crumble and vanilla ice cream.

Cinnamon Apple Donuts

An indulgently frozen take on an apple fritter. The star of the show here are fresh donuts from our new friends at Sidecar Donuts who will be opening their first shop in Santa Monica this fall! We’ve paired these donuts with a housemade apple pie filling using organic diced apples and lots of Red Ape cinnamon, an Oregon company who donates part of their proceeds to save the orangutans in Sumatra where this cinnamon is harvested.

Chocolate Almond & Caramel Cheesecake

First of the season sweet almonds from Kern County! This ice cream flavor is a careful blend of fresh made almond paste and chocolate-y goodness. In our kitchen, we make caramel cheesecake that fits perfectly with the almonds and chocolate because it is a bit tart and perfectly bitter.

Summer Sweet Corn Buttermilk

Refreshing, dense with flavor, and incredibly yummy! The corn is carefully juiced and churned with buttermilk instead of cream. We think this combination is clean and highlights fresh California corn at its best.


This California-inspired poppy aperitif is a culinary treat. GRAND POPPY is distilled by Greenbar Distillery in downtown LA using the best citrus, aromatic herbs, coastal berries, and organic poppy flowers Southern California has to offer. We especially love these guys because Greenbar plants a tree for every bottle sold! Our sherbet recipe takes this amazing distilled delicacy and perfectly highlights it in frozen form.